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Who is not happy with appreciation? Everyone is interested to get appreciated for his or her achievements which vary considrably depending on the field. Mostly achievements come from our service to the society. They may be in the field of entertainment, medicine, agriculture, social service or the like. Even passing an examination or facing a difficulty is an achievement. In fact, achievements are attained by hard work with sincerity and devotion to duty. Among us there are outstanding people who have helped the humanity to continue comfortably its existence on earth. Actually everyone is achieving something in one’s life time. May be great or not so great. Still they are achievements that warrant appreciation. Appreciations are offered in few words or by organizing felicitation functions. Recently the first men landed in moon were felicitated all over the world because of their great achievement. Small scale felicitations or big scale functions are organised everyday on earth for those who contributed their might to the welfare of human beings. There is always a desire in everyone’s mind to achieve something in one’s life and everyone of us is trying to apply intelligence and efforts to achieve something to get appreciation. Friends and relatives are happy to see someone among them who has done something outstanding which others have attempted and achieved. The achievements of our army men and women who are safeguarding our borders are being highly appreciated by everyone of us. To mark the achievements, we offer money, medals, mementoes and many other things. Achievements in sports and games are appreciated by offering huge sums of money nowadays along with beautiful gold, silver or bronze medals. Similarly, achievements in various fields are being appreciated appropriately in order to encourage the people who wish to achieve great things in life. Life is to achieve and to get appreciation which brings happiness not only in the minds of the achievers but also to the related people.


If you can’t explain it to six year old, you don’t understand it yourself. – Albert Einstein

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
– Percy Bysshe Shelley

Trust men and they will be true to you, treat them greatly and they will show themselves great.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.
– Madeline Bridges

Let us go singing as far as we go; the road will be less tedious - Virgil


If something goes wrong do not blame others blindly.

If you commit a mistake do not hesitate to accept it.

As Gautham Buddha said, there three things we can’t hide for long: the sun, earth and the truth.

Accepting mistake gracefully will make you look like a true professional and give you the satisfaction of not cheating.


An Australian newspaper reports that one morning not long ago a man called a taxi company and complained that a cab he ordered to take him to the Kingsford Smith Airport had not arrived. The girl who took the call apologized. ‘I’m very sorry the cab isn’t there yet, sir,’ she said. ‘But don’t worry. The plane is always late.’ ‘Well, it certainly will be this monrning,’ the caller said sharply, ‘I happen to be the pilot.’

The crisis arising from the world population increase was the subject of sociologist’s lecture to a women’s club. ‘Do you realize that somewhere in the world a woman is giving birth to a child every minute, day and night? What are we going to do about it?’
A woman in the back row raised her hand, ‘I think the first thing we should do is find that woman’ she said ‘and stop her!’

A woman was mailing the family Bible to her brother in distant city. The postal clerk examined the heavy package carefully and inquired if it contained anything breakable. ‘Nothing but the Ten Commandments,’ was the quick reply.

Man to friend: ‘ My brother leaps out of bed as soon as the first ray of sun touches his window. Of course, his bedroom faces west.


We live in a world where things are always changing. The seasons come and go, the tide comes in and out, inflation goes up and down, people get hired and fired. You would think we would learn that the underlying law of the Univers is change! Instead we get angry. In high school biology, we study the law of natural selection – adapting to change. The law is brutal- ‘Adapt or Disappear.’ What is true today may not be true tomorrow. What works today may not work tomorrow. The only constant we have is change. If you leave home for 3 months you’ll find your kids have changed. Suddenly your baby is calling you “Daddy.” It is not a question of fair or unfair. Every thing is moving.


§ Pursue achievable goals.
§ Keep a genuine smile.
§ Share with others.
§ Help thy neighbours
§ Get along with the rich, the poor,the beautiful and ugly.
§ Keep cool under pressure.
§ Lighten the atmosphere with humour.
§ Forgive the annoyance of others.
§ Have a few pals.
§ Cooperate and reap greater rewards.
§ Treasure every moment with your loved ones.
§ Have high confidence in yourself.
§ Respect the disadvantaged.
§ Indulge yourself occasionally
§ Take calculated risks.
§ Understand ‘money isn’t everything’


Scientists have discovered how immune system cells called Natural Killer cells function to destroy diseased cells, while leaving normal cells alone. Natural Killer cells are a type of white blood cell that contain granules with chemicals inside. When they come across a tumor cell or a cell that is infected by a pathogen, they surround and destroy the diseased cell by releasing the chemicals. These chemicals break-down the cell membrane of the diseased cell, ultimately causing it to burst. Using high speed microscopy imaging techniques, the researchers were able to observe how Natural Killer cells distinguish a healthy cell from a diseased one. Receptors on the surface of the killer cell interact with proteins on any cell it comes in contact with. If the cell triggers more of the Natural Killer cell's activator receptors, the killing mechanism will be turned on. If the cell however triggers more inhibitor receptors, the Natural Killer cell will leave the cell alone.


Living skills are skills that help you to live your life better. Unfortunately, living skills are often not taught or emphasized in schools. Thus, most people acquire living skills from the “school of hard knocks” – through experiences in life. There are many living skills. Two of the most important and useful skills are mindfulness and letting go.

Mindfulness is effective in noting the arising of our thoughts and in recognising the contents of our thoughts and beliefs. It is particularly useful in changing the self limiting beliefs we have that is preventing us from unlimited possibilities. Since changing these unconscious self limiting beliefs require that we first identify them, mindfulness plays a crucial role in this identification process. Meditation, when done on a regular basis, increases our mindfulness and allow us to gradually peel away layers upon layers of negative mental and emotional imprints, and creating rooms for new positive and life-enhancing beliefs and imprints. This process is often compared to peeling the layers of an onion.

The ability to let go complements mindfulness. Mindfulness allows us to be aware of our negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings. With the awareness and insights we can then let go of them. Since we spend almost every waking hours seeking, acquiring, grasping and clinging on to things, we have the tendency to resist letting go. In fact most people find it extremely difficult to let go of anything and particularly of feelings and beliefs. This is because we have learned to identify our feelings and beliefs as ourselves. We think we are our feelings and beliefs.Thus we fight and struggle to keep these feelings and beliefs in an effort to preserve our SELF, regardless of whether they are useful or harmful to us. – Tim Ong


§ The future of the country can only be secure when the future of its children is safe.
§ You don’t walk around with grief, but it is always there.
§ I say exactly what I mean, and I mean what I say.
§ People want someone who will represent their fears and frustrations.
§ Men love to see heroes rise but enjoy to see them fall.
§ Where there is no struggle there is no strength.
§ Life’s journey is to understand what we already possess.When the sky is clear of clouds, the ground is


Television agitates people and is regular fodder for politicians who think it is more deleterious to the nation’s health than substantial numbers of people doing without clean drinking water or going to bed hungry. That is not surprising, because TV and its excesses are more visible. The deprived do not live in our drawing rooms. But seeing that the nation is turning 62 and all that, I would argue that satellite TV excesses are something we are now grown up enough to digest. Or reject. As the good judges on the High Court division bench said, ‘In this land of Gandhi, it appears that nobody follows Gandhi… Follow the Gandhian principle of see no evil. Why don’t you simply switch off the TV? – Viewpoint of Seventi Ninan, Columnist

All human progress begins with a new decision.
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