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JUNE 2019



Decision making is one of the important activities in everyone’s life. It may be a easy or difficult. It all depends on what our mind or brain or heart or spirit of intuition says. Most of us are careful and cautious in deciding on a particular issue. Every day we are all bombarded by a number of issues and situations. So it’s our own duty to understand the issues and try to make a positive decision.

Decision making is a delicate activity, so one has to be necessarily careful and thoughtful. We have to see the consequences of a particular decision after it is made. Sometimes the decision we make may be wrong, still we need to make decisions to go ahead and progress in life. If it is a right decision that may help us to succeed further.
In every walk of life we have to make decisions. As a student to pass the examinations we have to make right decisions without which we cannot pass the examinations. After passing the examinations, again we have to choose a course in higher studies such as engineering, medicine, agriculture of law to study and specialize further. So decision making plays an important role in this aspect also. Entering a job and working as an employee leads to lots of decision making activity.

Decision making is not easy, it’s very hard sometime. At times our parents or friends or teachers may help to make a decision. In fact decision making is easier for an experience person. One’s life experience gives confidence and will power in taking right decisions. Many successful outcomes of our work are because of good decisions. Weak minded people are generally afraid of taking quick decisions because of fear. When we make decisions we have to think of the pros and cons of the decision we make.

As a teacher, politician, an official, leader or professional we have to take lots of decisions.  Experienced teachers treat the students very carefully by looking into their psychology. Even if the students make mistakes the punishment will not be harsh. Teachers know their wards have to learn from mistakes. At the same time there are short tempered, less experienced teachers who punish the students by beating and cursing. They do not know that their decisions will create negative thinking in the minds of those students. Not only that, they will not respect such teachers. Therefore decision making needs lot of beforehand thinking.

 Decision making is a very important component of sports and games where competition between individuals or teams is in question. Winning a game is the ultimate aim. One has to take decision at every step of the game. Think of tennis, a game played by two or four people. They have to understand their opponents and their way of playing. Accordingly they have to make decisions to defeat them in the play. It would be crucial when they need the last match point. Even in cricket match we anxiously watch the number of balls required for certain number of runs at the fag end of the match. Tension in the minds of the bowler and the batsman mounts. Above all in the minds of the audience who watch the game either in the playground or at home in front of a TV. If the batsman is careful and strike a six and win, it’s his good decision making. If he’s not making good decision then the whole team fails. That’s the importance of decision making.

Politicians are considered to be the good decision makers either to win an election or to rule a country. They have to solve a number of problems of the people and neighboring nations. Therefore successful politicians are excellent decision makers. Medical doctors, especially surgeons have to pre-plan before putting the patients under knife. They have to discuss with fellow doctors before deciding the surgery. Their decision making depends on their medical knowledge and experience in his field. In spite of all careful decision making any surgeon may go wrong and the patient may expire.

Therefore one thinks of God, before undertaking a decision, so that the decision is the right one. It is a simple choice out of many possible choices. So we need someone’s blessings to help us to go ahead. Let’s hope for the best in decision making. - NARA

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1. Is able to experience a whole range of emotions. He or she is authentic and does not wear a mask. They don`t always seem upbeat, or are never, ever down. Also they don’t project their moods and their feelings onto others, or blame other people if they’re having a bad day.

2. Is able to appreciate the beauty of others, and is happy for them when successes come their way. They are someone who’s secure in their own identity - and doesn’t need to criticize, or want others to fail.

3. Can let offenses go, and doesn’t take things personally. That’s because they have a healthy, and balanced, self-esteem.

4. Is concerned when others suffer and will offer them support. This person’s a true friend and, thus, they truly care for you.

5. Is not in competition with others in their life. They compete against themselves, and try to raise their own bar high.

6. Doesn’t magnify the bad or distort reality. They work on their shortcomings, and they recognize their strengths.

7. Appreciates the small things, and can make the most of “now”. They’re not tripped up by the past, and they’re not quick to run ahead. They know that both these matter – but what “today” matters the most.


Three blondes were driving to Disneyland. When they were already close to the destination they saw a sign “Disneyland Left”. They stopped started to cry and finally turned around and drove back home.

A priest tells the prayers: We have one good news and one bad ones. The good thing is that we have money for the repair of the church. The bad one – the money are still in your pockets.

My father always told that it is better to give than to get.
-        Was he a monk?
-        No, he’s a boxer.

A judge asks the culprit: So did you commit the crime in the way which I have just explained? The culprit : Actually no, but I really like your idea!

Flight Control Center asks the pilot:
-‘Who’s landing here?’
The pilot decides to make a joke.
-‘Guess who’ he asks.
Flight Control Center turns off the lighting of the landing track and tells ‘Guess where’.


Initiative is doing the right thing without being told. – Victor Hugo

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. - Zig Ziglar

The most effective way to do it is to do it. – Amelis Earhart

The business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. – Henry Ford

You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. – Blue Valantine

JUNE 2019

1 June – Global day of Parents
3 June – World Bicycle Day
5 June – World Environment Day
8 June – World Oceans Day
12 June – World Day Against Child Labour
14 June – World Blood Donor Day
21 June – International Day of Yoga



  Ø Being happy is the simplest thing in the world; just do something that completely occupies your attention.
  Ø  Being involved in things makes us feel confident.
  Ø  Being isolated from others is bound to lead to unhappiness.
  Ø  Being mature is accepting your immaturity.

The ‘will to do’ is the greatest power in the world.

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