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I enjoy reading books written by famous authors of yester-years. You may enjoy a cricket match live in a TV channel. He or she may enjoy a dance program or a musical concert. Thus everyone enjoys by seeing or hearing or doing something that pleases one. In fact, enjoyment gives pleasure, relaxation, satisfaction and a happy joyful life. But we know that life is not enjoyment alone.

Enjoyment may be classified into two categories as good and bad. People think every enjoyment is good without realizing some are bad for their life. For example, drinking alcohol gives enjoyment in a party. One enjoys the party with friends and relatives. At the same time if one likes to drink alone, daily and becoming addict to alcohol is certainly a bad enjoyment. Such enjoyment spoils the mental and physical health of an individual. Therefore one has to realize and enjoy for the betterment of his/her life.

Many a time people forget to enjoy their life. In fact, one has to enjoy whatever they say and do. Entertainments are for enjoyment. Cinema, dance, music, sports etc. are few of them. Nowadays cinema has become commercial and turns into sensational instead of educational. Social life is pictured in every cinema. In order to make cinema more and more sensational, violent and sexy scenes are inserted in a social film even. In this way cinema creates a thrill in the minds of cine goers who fall a prey to the unsocial activities in life.

When we get satisfaction in anything we do, then it happens to be good enjoyment. Satisfied life is enjoyment from which we get immense pleasure and joy. At every stage of our life we do enjoy life. Playing, studying, working, meeting friends, going to a party, shopping – every activity we undertake in our life is an enjoyment that keeps us happy.

At the same time, there are millions of people who live in this world cannot enjoy life like others. 
They are physically or mentally disabled. Still they try to enjoy life with their will power and support from family and friends. Therefore every human being enjoys life to full satisfaction. Difficulties in life cut short our enjoyment. If we remove the difficulties, then enjoyment is possible. In a sense enjoyment is a kind of mindset. We have to develop such mindset to enjoy. We’re born to enjoy life to our fullest satisfaction. But some are lucky to achieve it, whereas some others are not so lucky to achieve it.

Those who enjoy life should know that they are not enjoying life at the cost of others. Enjoy your life without harming fellow human beings. Love and affection towards others will bring more enjoyment, happiness and joy. Then why don’t we do it?


1. Remind yourself that you are not who other people think or say you are.
2. Remind yourself that everybody makes mistakes at times, has areas of weakness, and things they want to change.
3. Remind yourself of ways in which you’ve grown and changed with time. You’re not who you once were - so celebrate how far you’ve come.
4. Also, the ending isn’t written and the future isn’t fixed. You’re free to change your image, and an old identity.
5. Identify the lies you have believed about yourself – and work on changing them so they’re more accurate and true. Also, don’t reinforce those lies by acting like you think they’re true.
6. Remember that your feelings are not the same as facts. Don’t live based on your feelings … as that will keep you trapped.
7. Hang out with those who see, and who appreciate, your worth. And take their words to heart, and let them help to build you up.


  1.       .    Saying thank you.
  2.           Apologizing when wrong.
  3.           Showing up on time.
  4.           Being nice to strangers.
  5.           Listening without interrupting.
  6.           Admitting you were wrong.
  7.            Following your dreams.
  8.            Being a mentor.
  9.       .     Learning and using people’s names.
  10.         Holding doors open.


      1.      Failure makes the same goal seem less attainable.
2.      Failure also distorts your perceptions of your abilities.
3.      Failure makes you believe you’re helpless.
4.      A simple failure experience can create an unconscious fear of failure.
5.      Fear of failure often leads to unconscious self-sabotaging.
6.      Fear of failure can be transmitted from parents to children.
7.      The pressure to succeed increases performance anxiety and       causes choking.
8.      Willpower is like a muscle – it needs rest and glucose to         function best.
9.      A great way to overcome choking is to whistle or mutter.
10.   The psychologically healthiest response to failure is to focus on        variables in your control.


Synaesthesia is an unusual condition in which two or more of the senses we normally experience separately are experienced together. For example Synaesthete might see sounds, or smell sights. The most common synaesthesia is perceiving letters and number as inherently coloured. This condition is thought to be the result of cross-wiring of the brain and it’s often associated with ‘creative types’, such as artists, novelists, poets and composers. We are all partially synaesthtes. For example, we naturally associate phenomenon from one sense with those from another as can be seen in common cross-sensory metaphors such as ‘smooth voice’ ‘cold night’ ‘sharp taste’ ‘bitter wind’ ‘light music’ and ‘heavy silence.’


I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me... all I ask is that you respect me as a human being. – Jackie Robinson

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill


A beggar found Rs. 100/- He went to a 5 – star hotel for dinner… Bill Rs. 3000/-
He was unable to pay…!!
Manager handed him to Police…
The beggar gave Rs. 100/- to police and got free…!
It’s called Financial Management without MBA!!!

Last night I had a salad for dinner. It was a fruit salad. It had grapes. Lots of grapes. It was all grapes. It was WINE.

"Excuse me Sir, have you seen a police officer around?”
“No, not a soul, actually.”
“Very good, now give me your wallet, watch and lap-top.”


Ø  Be ready to move rather than dwelling on your past.
Ø  Be realistic about what you can finish and only take on what is achievable.
Ø  Be sensitive to the feelings of others.
Ø  Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Celebrate your success more often!

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Associate Director of Research, ANGRAU (Retd.)
13-3-20, Gunturuvarithota,
GUNTUR – 522001 (A P)
Mobile: 98661 75274
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The first reason that people do not

succeed in life is that they do not know

what they want!


Human brains always think. They think about the past, the present or the future. Also many thoughts come and go in our mind every now and then. Some of these thoughts are vague and unclear whereas some other ones are very clear and specific. Such thoughts are mostly valuable to pursue further. In fact, thoughts give rise to ideas either to improve our life or invent new things to benefit the mankind. Thoughts are our dreams which need to be implemented. Some people are good at it. They use their knowledge and go step by step to achieve what they want in their dream.

The clarity of thought is an essential aspect for those who give lectures. They can impress their audience. Similarly students should have the ability to express themselves with clarity of thought. If they attain such ability, then they can easily pass their examinations and succeed in life. Clarity of thought is very important in an interview or viva voce examination. Questions are asked by the interviewer or interviewers. The answers they expect should be specific without ambiguity.

The clarity of thought comes when we overcome fear and worry. Self-confidence and fearlessness certainly give us the ability to think better and clear. Most of our thoughts are related to our life, our family’s life or our profession. So practicing clarity of thought is as essential as studying a new skill. We all know that practice makes perfection. Therefore by practicing, our thoughts can be improved to a level of clarity. In order to achieve such practice we need to read a lot and gather knowledge and other’s points of view. Listening and understanding other people’s suggestions for various problems of life will help us to get out thoughts more precise and clear.

In the scientific field also clarity of thought is much essential. In selecting a project, layout of experiments, taking observations, collecting appropriate data, interpreting the results with the available evidences and drawing conclusions – the clarity of thought plays a principal role. Not only that, presenting the results in the form of a research article to publish in a peer-reviewed journal, clarity of thought is essential. Colleagues, co-authors and the peers of these publications may sharpen your thinking on certain important aspects of the study.

Some of the Spiritual leaders or God-men express their thoughts with clarity. So they attract a large number of followers who make them as heroes or role-models. Clarity in verbal communication certainly attracts the attention of men and women. Hence human beings use this trade secret to attract the followers who become their fans. If the vision is clear, we can go for a long distance and if we have the clarity of thought we achieve a lot. Therefore, it is uppermost for everyone to have clarity of thought in every walk of life in order to elevate oneself to the level of an achiever or successful man or woman.


1. Think about what you can give to a friend – and not about what you can get from them.
2. Encourage your friend to be all that they can be, and to reach the goals they have set for themselves.
3. Don’t hold grudges. Forgive and move on.
4. Tactfully point out any serious concerns – but only raise them once, and then leave it up to them.
5. Be reliable. This shows that you’re a faithful and trustworthy friend.
6. Don’t be controlling. Real friends allow each other to think for themselves, and make their own decisions and to do their own thing. Also, they’re flexible and willing to negotiate.
7. Be there when things are good and be there when things are bad – and always try to understand what friends are going through.
8. Accept that we’re all different- and your friends are not your clones. They won’t always thinks and want the same things as you.
9. Don’t gossip - and don’t share what a friend has shared with you. A secret is a secret – don’t compromise their trust.
10. Don’t let an argument destroy a friendship you have. Sometimes it’s better to back off and back down.