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Terror…Terrorism…Terrorists…are the words we come across everyday in all types of media. All over the world people talk about these terrible words that terrorize every individual. No one knows when terrorists strike. These people (male and female) are trained or rather brain washed to kill fellow humans. Is it not an evil activity? Are they taking revenge against someone? Then why they kill innocent people who watch a musical concert or assembled in a café, or working in their office, or studying in a school or attending religious functions or even walking on the road! Looks ridiculous, but such activities are carried out almost every day in one part or other on the Globe. Terrorists are mindless, unkind, unthinking animals whose urge is to kill and kill. We know how many lives – children, men and women – are being cruelly killed and injured!
How to control such horrible activities? Some advice, to find out the root cause for terrorism. Others say to put an end to it by talks and Malala Yousafzai says with guns you can kill terrorists; with education you can kill terrorism. Certain countries help materially and financially these people in order to create chaos in the world. They are the real sadists. They support terrorism. On the other hand almost all nations including the United Nations condemn terrorism. Every time, the world leaders meet one to one or in groups, pledge to condemn and control terrorism. Agreements are being made, information exchanged and nothing more! Still terrorism continues unabatedly all over the world.
Fighting terrorism is not an easy task. No one knows who is a terrorist. Sometimes it is attributed to a particular religion but religion as such is not involved in it. Extremists, fundamentalists, people who are brain-washed, and not bothered about their life are participating in terrorism. Organizations are everywhere to select, train and send such people to kill innocent civilians. The seeds of hatred sown in the young minds sprout into seedlings that trigger the human brain to involve in killing his/her own brothers and sisters. A cowardly act, indeed! Still it is killing. Some of the countries are more vulnerable to such beastly acts than others.
Disturbing peace or disliking the act of others is some of the causes for terrorism. It is not possible to abolish terrorism unless we satisfy the needs of such people who are involved in it. Divisions in human society are unfortunately igniting the element of violence and terrorism. It is a great challenge for every nation to solve the problem of terrorism among human population. United Nations Organizations and many religious and spiritual leaders try their best to solve this up-growing problem. We hope they succeed in their attempt and make the human beings happy in this world of ours.


Think of your past for a while! You have done everything so boldly without a second thought. But now when you are above seventy, you think twice or thrice before doing everything! The past boldness and braveness have disappeared. Fear has overtaken them. Yes fear of doing things boldly. What a change! What a change age has brought in. This is the experience of every individual in this world.


  1. 1.      Have energy.
  2. 2        Have a bad influence.
  3. 3.      Work hard.
  4. 4.      Create the future.
  5. 5.      Enjoy what you do.
  6. 6.      Play bridge.
  7. 7.      Ask for advice.
  8. 8.      Pick good people.
  9. 9.      Don’t procrastinate.
  10. 10.    Have a sense of humor.


1. First, don’t isolate yourself – When you’re feeling lonely it is hard to go out and be with others who seem to be OK, and don’t really notice how lonely you feel. But putting up a wall and withdrawing from your friends will only intensify that sense of loneliness, and will further undermine your self-esteem.
2. Second, keep yourself busy – Do things that you normally enjoy with others. For example, listening to a band or maybe going to watch a game … or you could always try something that’s new, but interests you! That would allow you to connect in a non-threatening way … as it takes the focus off talking, and off you.
3. Third, be kind to yourself - It’s likely that you regularly beat yourself up, criticise yourself and are unrealistic in the kinds of expectations that you have for yourself. So what, if it goes wrong? You can always try again – just learn what you can from the experience. And notice your successes and the times when it goes well. It’s likely that this happens a lot more than you think!
4. Fourth, recognize that we ALL battle loneliness at times - You’re not some kind of freak – it’s actually quite normal. It something we’ve all known and understand.
5. Fifth, talk to someone you like and trust – It can really help to talk about your feelings with a family member, a friend or counselor.


1. Just because I laugh a lot … it doesn’t mean I don’t take life seriously.
2. Just because I act as if I’m happy … it doesn’t mean that everything is OK.
3. Just because I’m willing to forgive … doesn’t mean that you can use me, or treat me badly.
4. Just because I’m not in touch with you … doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten, or don’t care about, you.
5. Just because I am trusting and am sometimes gullible… doesn’t mean that you can lie, or take advantage of me.
6. Just because I hold back and don’t always show my feelings … doesn’t mean that I don’t feel, or can’t be hurt by you and others.
7. Just because I find it hard to say the words “I love you” … doesn’t mean that I don’t love you, or care about you.


1. Stop resisting change and see it as a constant in life. 
2. Learn to enjoy, and value, solitude. 
3. Never forget that friendship is a gift, not a possession. 
4. Things are rarely as bad as they seem at first. 
5. Do your most important tasks first thing in the morning. 
6. Smiling seems to help with most things! 
7. Schedule margin into your life – as something unexpected will often change your plans. 
8. QTIP: quit taking it personally.
9. Define what’s necessary; say no to the rest. 
10. Take a deep breath and wait before responding. Don’t react, and say something you’ll regret.


*boy whispers to his mom during a wedding*
boy: "Mommy?"
mom: "What?"
boy: "Why is the girl dressed in white?"
mom: "Because this is the happiest day of her life."
boy: "... so why is the boy dressed in black?"


My wife told me she needs more space. I said no problem and locked her out of the house.


Marriage is an institution of three rings. Engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering.

Honey, what will you give me for our 25th anniversary?
A trip to Thailand?
Wow, that’s awesome, and for our 50th anniversary?
Then I pick you up again.



v  Tidy up your bedroom
v  Change your whole outfit - underwear, shoes, hairstyle, the lot
v  Scribble with a Crayon as hard as you can on a big sheet of paper
v  Go to a library and wander around in the quiet
v  Make a wish list on each of your favorites shops’ websites
v  Go to sleep as early as you can bare
v  Play the “would you rather?” game with a friend
v  Talk to your sibling(s), see what they’re up to
v  Sit down and study for a bit, then see how you feel
v  Open a window, sit next to it and smell the fresh air



Ø  A newspaper is called upon to report news, not to make it.
Ø  A page a day keeps the worry away.
Ø  A part of us wants increased life and wealth, and yet a part of us tells us this is wrong and bad.
Ø  A pedestrian can notice so many things which a motorist would never see.

Intimacy requires honesty and openness!

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