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Although I live with my family, I am still an individual with my own talents and skills which cannot be robbed by anyone else. Like the others I spend a peaceful life without causing or thinking harm to fellow human beings. Living together in a society has many untold small or big problems. Crossing over these problems is an individual’s duty. I too try to solve these silly problems with my possible ability. I am successful in some cases whereas I am not in others. Still I go forward with confidence and self-determination. Once I feel not well, I enter into a serious thought without informing anyone. Each one has such problems. Some people make a fuss about them and find fault with the family members. I do not think it is fair. No one can bear our problems, but they can only show their sympathy and help to an extent only; we cannot expect more than that. Taking care of oneself is the most important duty one has to keep in mind and adopt. Although we graduate from schools and colleges and work in various fields, we need to look after ourselves. Minor help can be expected from the dear ones when we are unable to do things. Not more than that. We have to undergo all hardships and happiness in life. ‘How to lead a happy and healthy life?’ is the question for which we have to find answers and follow in our life. Many people consider themselves as superior to all others. But I think everyone in this world has talents and skills special to him or her. We need to respect that greatness. Others have untold amount of qualities which have to be identified and appreciated. When we do it we establish a relationship which is very much essential for our health and happiness. In fact, I realized it very late in my life. Skill is the one that differ from person to person. The skill we have may not be with others and vice versa. In order to acquire the skill, one has to learn and practice for a long time. That ends up in experience which is essential to build up our society which is constituted by individuals like me and you.


THERE ARE TWO ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein

IF YOUR ACTION inspires others to do more, to learn more, to dream more or to become more, you are a leader. – John Quincy Adams

MASTERY IS NOT perfection, it is journey and the true master must be willing to try and fail and try again. – George Leonard


THE FATHER of a boy who is choking after accidentally swallowing a 50-paisa coin screams for help. A woman sipping her coffee outside a nearby coffee bar looks up, puts down her newspaper and cup, and strolls over to the boy. She squeezes him with amazing strength until the coin pops out. Deftly catching it, she hands it to the father and returns to her table. The relieved father follows her, gushing words of thanks. “That was fantastic!” he says, “Are you a doctor?” “No,” replies the woman, “I work for the income tax department.

“IT’S YOUR golden wedding anniversary soon. What are you going to give your wife?”
“As I remember, I took her to Kashmir for our silver wedding anniversary. May be I should go and fetch her back?”


Be prepared at all times to write down passing thoughts, ideas and concept. This tip is so deceptively simple, yet so incredibly powerful, that most people mistakenly brush it aside. Yet this humble little tip is responsible for creating so much more wealth and worldly magnificence than all other success ’secrets’ …combined. Capturing Ideas - Your Secret Weapon to Unlimited Wealth. Write everything down. When you have an idea, write it down. When you meet someone new, write down everything you know about them. That way you will know how much time they are worth. When you hear something interesting, write it down. Writing it down will make you act upon it. If you don’t write it down you will forget it. THAT is a million dollar lesson they don’t teach you in business school!"


We can not control many of the things and events in our lives, including the sun and the tilt of the earth. In life, there are many things over which we have no control. Fortunately, however there are many things we can influence and few wonderful things we can arrange as we see fit. Highly successful people understand this and spend their time and energy where they can make a difference. Our fear is not that were powerless, but that in fact we are powerful beyond measure. We can influence more than we think. Given enough time, courage and determination, we can modify impact, transform and re-invent almost everything in our lives. Every year will last twelve months. You will have 52 weeks in which to choose your priorities. You will have 365 days to decide where to focus your time, you attention and your effort. You will have thousands of opportunities to choose, to try, and to learn. Twelve months is a huge amount of time! In twelve months you can achieve miracles. In the twelve months the sun will move, the earth will tilt, the seasons will change. You can not control these things. But you can control what time you get up in the morning. You can choose your attitude, your friends, your reading material, your diet, your focus and your goals. You can, to a remarkable degree, create the life you want.
-Dr. Philip E. Humbert


Problems of morale are very likely to develop when what you do at work every day is not emotionally stimulating enough and does not reward you with a sense of accomplishment. Dwindling morale ruins your productivity like nothing else. Here is what you can do:

Renew Enthusiasm: Too much work pressure can lead to fear of failure and gradual decline of enthusiasm to accomplish tasks on hand.
Set Daily Goals: To experience high spirits you must reward yourself with feelings of accomplishment. Issues of morale need to be addressed on a daily basis. So prepare a short list of goals for the next 24h. When you succeed at achieving them your confidence levels automatically shoot up.
Take A Break: A brief repose from your workload gives your spirits a boost by temporarily taking the load off you. Whenever you feel too overburdened force yourself to take a break. Go for a stroll and breathe some fresh air.
Think Beyond Work: Engage your brain in activities other than work from time to time. For instance read different kinds of book, listen to uplifting music or cultivate a new hobby.
Go Physical: Physical fitness has a direct bearing on your confidence levels. Exercise on a regular basis and get into shape as soon as you can.
Organize Work: By carefully planning, organizing and scheduling your work you improve your efficiency by leaps.
Help Others: The most effective means of overcoming low morale is to help someone in need.
Confidence in your abilities is what you need most to ride over difficulties.
- N. Purnima Srikrishna


Substance above its critical temperature and critical pressure is defined as SCF. Critical points represent the maximum temperature and pressure at which vapor and liquid co-exist. This is known since 1822 which Baron Cogniard de Latour demonstrated the existence of the critical point using an equipment. There are few features, which make SCF different from usual fluids. It moves like a gas but dissolves things like a liquid. High penetrating capability with almost no surface tension makes it miscible at highest extent with respect to conventional fluids. The SCF technology is used in food and agriculture, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and environmental sectors. The applications are wide. Decaffeination of coffee beans was the first successful technological application of super critical carbon dioxide.


§ Genius rarely comes without strings attached, and the ends of those strings are in the hands of the gods.
§ If you do not believe in yourself, who else will believe in you?
§ Do not worry about others as no one will be worried about you.
§ Defeat has a dignity that noisy victory does not have.
§ Why does man hate man? Why do wars often fail to teach peace? Who decides who is at wrong?
§ An inordinate devotion to work is what keep me ticking.
§ People will judge you by what you do and certainly not by what you boast.
§ When optimism erodes, anger explodes.


Fluid intelligence is the ability to find meaning in confusion and to solve new problems, independent of acquired knowledge. Fluid intelligence doesn’t look much like the capacity to memorize and recite facts, the skills that people have traditionally associated with brain power. [But] the information sea isn’t going to dry up, and relying on cognitive habits evolved and perfected in an era of limited information flow – and limited information access – is futile. Strengthening our fluid intelligence is the only visible approach to navigating the age of constant connectivity.
– Andrew Brown

Writing is a process of reflective thinking or self-observation!

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