Sunday, May 30, 2010


Be careful not to over commit yourself. Promise to do only what you can and make the correct choices. Clarify your motives behind an action or decision; choose to tell others only what you want them to know. Admit your mistakes promptly. Take people into confidence before divulging any information and do not disclose any information from others which they want to be a secret. Treat everyone fairly and be consistent in your behavior. Make efforts to listen to others. Your values and actions together determine your reputation, which consequently affects your credibility. Reputation is part of you but it depends a lot on the opinion of others about you. Developing a good reputation depends on understanding what others expect from you and behaving in the appropriate way. So make efforts to enhance your reputation, by choosing the right behaviors that can have a positive impact on it. Also observe the behavior and actions of those who enjoy a good reputation and learn something from them. In a competitive professional world, it is important to take the right steps to maintain your credibility. – G. Hema

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