Wednesday, September 1, 2010

R E L A X ...

Life is busy and sometimes hard. Life is also relaxing and easy. In my opinion, we tend to push ourselves way too much and leave little time to relax and recharge. Just like the battery in a cell phone, we have a finite amount of energy before the battery runs out of juice. Sure you can do the quick hit charges with a power nap or a walk in the park, but you still need to set aside time for a full discharge and recharge. You need that time where you just lay on the couch all day doing nothing but watching reruns, maybe reading a book, or just piddling around the house. There will always be a stack of work on your desk at the office. There will always be a list of to-do things at home. That stack at work and your to-do list need something added to the top of both of them: relaxation time.

How you define relaxation is totally up to you. There are times the couch totally recharges me. There are times just sitting in the dark letting the nonsense of the day flow out of my head and heart recharges me. There are times going to the gun range recharges me. The relaxation method is not important. Allocating the time relax is what it’s all about. If you feel tired more than you feel rested, you need some recharge time. If you feel stressed more than relaxed, you need some recharge time. - RODNEY

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