Tuesday, May 31, 2011


1. Being street smart indicates exploiting another person’s abilities for your gain and/or allowing the other person to do the same thing to you.

2. Developing a thick skin usually indicates inculcating an insensitive and unresponsive attitude.

3. Don’t expect to get everything and anything ‘free’ in this world.

4. Under mutually beneficial and ethical circumstances, giving first what the other person wants often increases the chances of what you would want the other person to do for you.

5. Give genuine appreciation and recognition whenever possible for demonstrated capabilities.

6. Give and take healthy and constructive criticism.

7. The individual who merely criticizes you seeks your downfall.

8. Practice positive reciprocal behavior, whenever and wherever possible.

9. Because each of us looks at things from a different perspective, don’t expect everyone to be pleased with your contributions however significant and great it may be.

10. Never select a subject, job or career just to make someone else happy.

-Dr. G. Govindarajan

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