Monday, October 31, 2011


Biomimetics is a field of science that studies biological processes for effectively using them in the development of innovative engineering materials and systems. At present, most industrial interest in biomimetics is found in the aerospace, textiles, computing, artificial intelligence and sensor sectors, with a limited track record in construction (mainly in materials and design). Self-cleaning paints are based on the lotus effect, the unique ability of a lotus leaf surface to avoid wetting. This is mainly due to the presence of micro scale protuberances covered with waxy nano crystals on the surface. Both the protrubances and the wax crystals make the surface of lotus super-hydrophobic in nature, which means water droplets easily roll over the leaf surface taking contaminants and dust particles with them. The phenomenon is popularly known as the ‘self-cleaning effect.’ The self-cleaning property is highly important for water plants. This natural phenomenon occurring in lotus leaf led to the finding of self-cleaning paint.

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