Friday, November 30, 2012

PERSUASION TRICKS (Contd. from last issue)


11. Social proof: despite all protestations of individuality, people love conformity. So tell them which way the flock is going because people want to be in the majority.


12. Attention: if the audience isn't paying attention, they can't think about your arguments, so attitudes can't change.


13. Minimize distraction: if you've got a strong message then audiences are more swayed if they pay attention. If the arguments are weak then it's better if they're distracted.


14. Positively framed: messages with a positive frame can be more persuasive.


16. Confidence: not only your confidence, but theirs. The audience should feel confident about attitude change. Audience confidence in their own thoughts is boosted by a credible source and when they feel happy (clue: happy audiences are laughing).


17. Be powerful: a powerful orator influences the audience, but making the audience themselves feel powerful increases their confidence in attitude change. An audience has to feel powerful enough to change.

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