Sunday, March 30, 2014


People are strong believers on something like religion and caste. Once they believe on them, they totally depend on them. No one wants to change their beliefs. Such believes may be blind or unacceptable for some. Still the belief on religious teachings, the presence of God and the existence of caste is in the minds of people of our society. Such believes are passed on to next generation and subsequent generations too. In fact, our society is organized in a way on these bases rather than on a scientific basis.

I used to think, why good education is unable to change such strong believes which often spoil human relationship at large. People belong to one religion follow certain way of life with a set of believes, whereas others follow different ways of life as their religion orders. Such is the case of belief in God or Gods. All religions advise that there is only one God. But in reality, we have innumerable Gods in all forms, shapes and sizes loaded with unbelievable stories. All of us want to believe in all these Gods and their stories out of sheer fear. If they do not believe in these Gods, there may be sufferings in life such as ill-health, accidents, poverty etc. Therefore people wish to worship all Gods by visiting innumerable temples, churches, mosques and other abodes of Gods. In fact, day by day the number of Gods and their temples is multiplying as the human population increases. There is no check on it. It is the will and pleasure of the people at large.

Caste is another worst factor that divides our society. Families belong to a particular caste used to live together as a community. Because of urbanization and modern way of life, people are compelled to live together forgetting the caste factor to some extent. Inter-caste marriage is one of the ways to demolish caste system in our society. Such marriages are also happening here and there. Providing education and allowing women as an independent individual help to promote inter-caste marriages. The caste factor plays an important role in periodic elections of our nation. Candidates are selected by political parties on the basis of a particular caste so that they can mop up maximum votes from people who belong to their castes. It is sometimes called as caste-based politics or simply caste-politics.

Is it possible for anyone to change such set up? I don’t think so because we have a society built on the strong foundation of caste and religion. It is very difficult for the time-being to change the existing system. However we don’t know about the future. Probably the little change coming in the minds of minors may lead to a casteless and religion-less society in the future. The future is not nearby. So we will live with the present mind-set of people who love to belong to a particular caste and religion. That is today’s reality. Whatever we may say or argue, we have to accept the reality. Let us do so and live with a system whether we like or do not like.

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