Saturday, June 28, 2014


I have hundreds of questions in my head. Most of them do not have answers. Some of them have some unsatisfactory answers. Every time I try to answer some easy questions that are stored in my head. Still I fully know that the answer is not satisfactory. I also share those questions with my close friends who laugh at me and say that I am a crazy mad man. Why do they say that? They say that because according to them my questions are silly or stupid. You may wonder what those silly questions are.

In fact, every question has an answer. In an examination one can score centum if one answers all questions correctly. The subjects may be science, maths, history, language etc. But the questions in my head are not that belong to such subjects. It is said that answering a question is an art. Of course it is true, but if one does not know the answer, how can be it be an art? I spend lot of time in answering those unanswerable questions. Still I find it difficult to find a correct answer to a question. I am quite sure by now that you are curious to know those questions. I do not want to delay to disclose some of the questions. I list out ten of them here. 1. Why human beings live only for hundred plus years, not two or three hundred years? 2. Why people are killed or injured in accidents? 3. Why people are mad after luxury? 4. Why people do not follow the religious teachings? 5. Why people like to change? 6. Why do people eat non-vegetarian food? 7. Why do we kill animals and fellow humans? 8. Why do we hate people? 9. Why some people are rich and some are poor. 10. Why people are superstitious? Questions like these and many more are in my head. It is possible for anyone to write elaborate answers with examples and evidences. But I look for perfect answers to score centum. In fact it is foolish to think of those questions hidden in my head.

Still those questions help me to start a conversation with a friend or anyone who is close to me. Arguments and counter-arguments are made to answer those questions. Finally the questions remain unanswered for ever. I read somewhere that you cannot possibly invent a new idea or a new way of doing things without asking ‘Why’ or ‘Why not?’ So these questions stimulate me to think and give exercise to brain. Also I get ideas and find new ways of doing things. Everybody will have questions in his or her head. Those who find the correct answers are great people we have to respect.

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