Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Generally, we talk anything about anyone whether we know or do not know about them. Talking about others is a hobby or a pass time for some who take to gossip in their own way. I used to hear them with keen interest because they talk and talk and without expecting any response from me. Sometimes I do not know the person about whom they talk so eloquently! Not only that, talking about a person and his or her family members and their children so accurately to someone for example like me has any meaning. In spite of that, they derive deep pleasure in emptying their thoughts about others. However much I try to understand them, I fail miserably. I used to think about such people and their intentions.

One of the things I could understand is that they like to tell others that how important they are and also how much he/she knows about others – good or bad. Revealing the life history of other people in an interesting fashion is of course a peculiar talent. Not all can do it, but some are experts. If they talk about people of equal standard we can understand but if they are indifferent category – for example, a businessman, a medical doctor, a politician, a lawyer – the points of view expressed may not be agreeable at all, because those people have a different kind of life-style than the one who discuss about them.

In fact, we don’t see people as they are, but we see them as we are. Therefore the opinions expressed are not at all correct. If a businessman talks about another businessman it is ok. But if a teacher talks about a businessman, it is absurd. We all talk about the lavish life style of politicians without knowing the characters of politicians. There are simple politicians as well as complex politicians whose life style is beyond our imagination. Criticizing such politicians in our angle is in fact absurd according to me.

Our thinking is limited to our life style alone. Politicians have big cars and dozens of people around them always. A simple citizen wonders why the politicians need such big cars and bodyguards and he tries to judge the politicians in his level of living. Therefore I feel that we have no business to talk bad about others but we have the right to talk about ourselves – good or bad.

While talking about oneself, one reveals all about his personal life, family matters and even the life secrets in order to get a prestige. Intelligent people hear calmly without revealing their own life secrets. Sharing one’s limited information to others always keeps one’s self-respect. Without understanding this simple principle of life many of us reveal more and get into trouble. People vary in their character, so they have to learn from their experience. No one can advise them except indicating the implications of talking too much to gain the attention of others.

How far is it good? I do not know!

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Rajasekhar said...

Very good and inspiring...I learnt one lesson, not to share too much...