Sunday, August 31, 2014


‘Stop thinking too much. It’s alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it.’ It is a quotation I came across while browsing the net. Indeed, it a very good quotes to tell us the reality of thinking. Thinking is good for all; everyone has the capacity to think. Some think deeply and others think shallowly.

Think about what? Think about anything. Think about one self, others, friends, close relatives, everyday accidents, travel etc. In fact, we think every moment! Experts say thinking happens in the brain. I think about good food, my health and my wife and children. How much I can think about them? And how long I think about them? There is a limit for thinking. Limitless thinking leads to worry and no peace of mind. Therefore it is said, ‘stop thinking too much.’ I do agree.

The recent MH17 flight from Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was shot down at an altitude of 30,000 feet, killing 298 passengers including the crew members. Unimaginable! But it happened. Everyone in the world knows about it. Who has not thought about this unfortunate incident? Most of us thought about the fate of those innocent men, women and children at the time of the incident. We felt sad. It created some sort of worry in the minds of even the normal human beings. If we stop thinking too much about the incident, we do not worry much and also the fear of traveling by air.

Also we pose many questions related to the uncivilized shooting. Who did this atrocious activity? How they did it? How it happened at an altitude of 30,000 feet? Was it a mistake? Likewise many questions come in everyone’s mind. Most of these questions are unanswerable at once. They all create anger and fear in everybody’s mind. So, instead of answering these questions, it is better to keep silent waiting for the answers which will come after sometime.

Often, we forget the name of a place we visited in the past, or some name of our classmate. We try to remember at once. But we are unable to do.  If we leave it at that stage, the names come to our mind at another time when we are not thinking of it. So thinking too much at a time is in fact waste of time. Everything happened in our life is stored in our brain, the operating system of our body. Retrieval is always possible, but sometimes it takes time especially for aged people!

To find answer for every question by too much thinking is not necessary it appears. The answers will come to us when we least expect them. So let us think lightly on anything and stop thinking too much. It is the cause for many worries and mental upsets. So stop thinking too much!

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