Friday, January 30, 2015


When do we eat? Every one of us eats our breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Wherever we are, we think of eating something at regular interval. Human beings belonging to any nation have to eat in order to acquire energy for day-to-day activities. In schools, colleges, factories, offices and other places there is a lunch break and tea or coffee breaks. So eating is an essential activity in everybody’s life. Some say we live to eat and others say we eat to live. These two types of people are present in the Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern societies. In fact, we eat for the growth and development of our body. Energy is an essential for every one and it comes from the food we eat. The frequency of eating varies with people. Some are very particular about timing of their eating and regularity is maintained every day for eating. Some others do not bother about such regularity. They eat whenever they feel like eating and whatever they want to eat. Children are controlled by their mothers to eat at regular interval. They are fed at specific times with specific foods. Once they grow up then they decide about their food habits. Therefore eating food at regular interval is important for every individual.

Food consists of variety of items like rice, wheat, vegetables, fruits and different kinds of sweets. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. All of us eat vegetarian food but only some eat non-vegetarian food that includes egg, chicken, mutton, beef, fish etc. All these food items are cooked with salt and spices to make them tasty for the tongue. The added spices offer appetizing flavour for the food. Processed by cooking and eating them at regular interval is really an enjoyment. Inviting friends and relatives for a party at home or at a restaurant gives the real happiness. Many prefer such meetings often for birthday, marriage anniversary and many other functions. Even during festivals, marriages and conferences, eating variety of food items has become a habit for all. Most of us enjoy those items and eat more than what we want. So eating during such occasions makes us to over-eat. Once in a while such eating may not be avoided. Eating with family and friends is more satisfying for everyone.

The quality of food varies with the type of restaurants. Good quality food certainly costs more. We don’t mind to pay more for such quality foods. Often we like to go to those restaurants that supply tasty, good quality food. In fact, we take our friends and relatives to these places to spend a nice evening for eating a tasty dinner. It has become a social custom in our urban culture. Eating at home and inviting guests at home have become our old custom for many of us. These customs have been replaced by ‘eating-out.’  ‘Eating-out’ provides an opportunity for the family to wear new dresses and jewels. The courteous reception of the restaurant staff make the family members happy. Seeing many other families around sitting in their best itself is an ambiance enjoyed by everyone. Above all not cooking at home itself is a great joy for the house maker!

Ordering some dishes and sharing and tasting are the enjoyable habits some possess. Not all of us can do it. Most of our so-called middle-class and upper-middle-class people enjoy such ‘eat-outs’ at least once in a month. The enjoyment and relaxation they derive out of it is unexplainable and unimaginable! Is it not great to eat breakfast or lunch or dinner with friends and relatives? At the same time there are business lunches or dinners every day attended by corporate to small business people who do business on dinner or lunch table in a restaurant. It is the easiest way to make business. Restaurants provide a congenial atmosphere for these people to carry on their business. Sometimes I used to think whether these people enjoy the food they eat or involve in their business only. When I enquired one of those people, I was informed that they enjoy both. Probably true, I thought.

Therefore, it is not eating food. How one eats and where one eats is important. Good food prepared by the Chef of the restaurant is liked and loved by all of us. Hygienically prepared food is preferred by ever one. Mostly we take it for granted all the food served to us in restaurants is good in all respects. However, at times they may not suit for our stomach. Over eating results because of the taste and flavour of the food served. One should be cautious to select and taste the food rather than over-eating and suffer later. I hope we all remember this whenever we go to the restaurant next time. Please invite me too, if you plan to host a dinner.

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