Saturday, March 7, 2015


·      Send kind words to others via e-mail, text, mail or call them personally to express your gratitude of having them in your life
·                 Watch a sunrise or sunset, even better if you can do both in the same day
·                 Smile
·                 Watch children play
·                 Write a poem
·                 Take a walk
·                 Feel grateful for everything currently in your life
·                 Dance as if no one is watching
·                 Sing out loud
·                 Accept another person's view as their right to think that way
·                 Spend the day thinking positive thoughts
·                 Say a kind word to a stranger
·                 Love the amazing animal kingdom
·                 Forgive your childhood traumas
·                 Let go of fear and doubt
·                 Trust yourself
·                 Accept for a day that everything that comes your way as being right and perfect for the moment and is teaching you something

·                 Visualize the world as a loving place

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