Thursday, April 30, 2015


No matter how grand or noble our ideas are, they are pointless unless acted upon. The difference between a pile of rocks and a cathedral is the action we take to bring our idea to life. Some people have ideas; others put them to work. Ideas won't work unless we do. The value of action cannot be stressed too greatly. For sometimes it is action that generates the idea. For example, if I am smashing rocks, rather than sleeping under a tree, the thought may occur to me that the rocks could be used to build a cathedral.

Others won't accept your ideas until they accept you. But don't be guilty of making the same mistake. A diamond caked in mud is still a diamond. Never judge another. Anyone can share pearls of wisdom. Don't let prejudices prevent you from benefiting by them. Always remain open to the ideas of others, and remember that bright ideas often camouflage themselves as stupid ones.

Not every idea is worthwhile. The value of an idea is measured by the consequences it produces when acted upon. Cherish ideas that improve your life and scrap those that hinder it. Be open-minded, but not gullible. Beware of those who use the power of ideas to confuse, twist, and control the minds of others. It is important to realize that there are bad ideas as well as good ideas. Until we accept this fact, it will be difficult to distinguish between the two. We will become as immense or small as our ideas, so choose them carefully.

Don't be like people who treat new ideas like mosquitoes by brushing them aside or squeezing the life out of them. True, we become set in our ways and sheer force of habit makes change difficult. But growth is impossible without change, so don't resist it. Treasure new ideas, for once we gain new insight, we never see the world the same way. To expand your horizon and elevate your consciousness, all you have to do is be receptive. Reach out and embrace the ideas that surround you and are ignored by others. - Chuck Gallozzi


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