Saturday, May 30, 2015


Auditing is done year after year in every government organization in order to see whether the allotted amount of budget money is properly spent according to the rule book. It is indeed a good practice to make the employees to work in accordance with stipulated rules. In a way, auditing advises the employees to follow the rules strictly in spending public money. There is a set of people employed by the organizations. These people are good in keeping the rules in their finger - tips. Invariably the team asks for all papers, and evidences for the purchases of goods. Quotations, comparative statements, papers on placement of orders, and entry in stock books are some important documents to satisfy the auditors. In most of the time they find some mistakes – minor or major – and make an audit report. I feel that it is good to have the report for improving the operations in future. Spending public money needs to be audited and accounted.

Similarly, self-audit is also essential for everyone. Self-audit is done by every individual not by officially appointed auditors. Some of us do it very frequently to balance our family budget. Also the self-audit tell us how to rectify the mistakes committed in the past. Thus it certainly helps to improve our life-style.

One important aspect about self-auditing is to improve our time management. Time spent will not come back. So, efficient use of time certainly helps us to do lot of things, in short period of time. It also will point out how much we procrastinate our activities. When we think of our strength and weakness, we ourselves will realize how much we will be able to carry on our activities efficiently and effectively.

Every one of us has potential skills create new things. Self-audit should indicate such potentials to put to work. Similarly self-audit can tell us our weakness regarding health and also knowledge. If the health is weak or poor one has to look into it with medical check-up and take appropriate treatments. Since health problems are the ones which make us inactive and prevent our progress in life. For a healthy person updating his/her knowledge in terms of skill development is absolutely essential in this modern age. Since knowledge explosion is occurring every day we need to update our knowledge with the new. It in fact helps in improving our work efficiency.

Self-audit need not be annual. It can be monthly or even shorter period of time. Self-mistakes can be safely corrected if the audit is done more frequently. Self-audit is a lead to self-help. Therefore it is a good idea to practice self-audit by every individual to improve his/her life style.


Unknown said...

self audit is essential for every one! Thanks .

Sudha Thota said...

Thank you very much Sir
You are still enlightening us
Your student