Thursday, July 30, 2015


Everyone talks about peace because everyone wants it badly. We want to live in harmony with others. Peace keeps us socially intact and gives us a happy life. Peace in a society or in a nation helps the improvement of the society or nation. So, all are interested in keeping the peace at any cost. But unfortunately peace in society is disturbed at times by differences in opinion and diversity in culture.

Similarly nations in the world like to be peaceful in order to improve the lifestyle of peoples and country’s infrastructure. But border issues, religious intolerance, economic imbalances, inadequate national resources create disturbances. Treaties are being signed among nations whenever the leaders of the nations meet. They talk much about peaceful coexistence. But somehow differences create difficulties. Sometimes fighting between countries also takes place.

Peace of mind is considered as one of the virtues man wants in life. Peace of mind for every individual helps to attain happiness and good health. But how to achieve peace? Practice the mind to keep in peace. It has lot of effects on the body and mind. On the other hand, peacelessness disturbs our mind. It affects our thinking, our daily activities and work. Anger and anxiety are created in the peaceless mind! Normal life is affected. People suffer just because they do not have peace!

Countries in the world often do not live in peace. So they thought of an organization to keep peace in the world. Thus they created the United Nations in 1948. All the countries of the world are members – rich and the poor nations. In general, peace is disturbed by natural calamities, man-made civil wars, terrorism, religious fighting, racial differences, border disputes etc. So, sometimes peace is to be kept by force. The United Nations has a wing for peace keeping force sent out to countries where the above mentioned calamities occur. In fact, these forces are sent by various member countries.

Every year May 29 is observed as International Day for Peace Keeping by the United Nations. Peace in the world is achieved by conciliation and understanding. Talks across the table often fail because of the adamant nature of nations. Lots of lives are lost because of such adamant attitude. No one cares about it! Peace makers make rules and resolutions to create an environment of harmony and friendship. Peace keepers physically involve themselves to keep peace. They take risk. Our world is swinging between peace and peacelessness. Avoiding conflicts is essential. We need to forget the differences among human beings living in different countries. People of a country may not have as much hatred towards the people of another country as the rulers of the country. Because of their adamant tendencies peace is disturbed and countries are put to difficulty. “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding” said Alfred Einstein. Let the leaders of every country learn this and keep their citizens happy.

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