Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Pursuing a hobby is listed as one of the pleasure activities in a book I read recently. Hobby is an activity or interest pursued outside one’s regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure. Such activities are many. Dancing, singing, instrumental music, gardening, collecting objects like coins, postal stamps, drawing, painting, cooking etc. are some of the hobbies people used to practise. Even reading, writing, acting, exercising and photography are considered as hobbies. But they are full-fledged professions for some of course. As a hobby, one does not specialize on these items. However, hobbies are generally pursued only as a pleasure not as a profession.

One of my friends a colleague of mine had pursued astrology as a hobby initially. He sued to help in writing horoscopes for many of his friends including me. Slowly and slowly astrology became his main job and started earning a lot for predicting the future of people. After retirement he forgot about his profession and specialized in astrology that paid him a lot and also many people and families depended on him! Thus he became a popular figure among the common people as well as the well-to-do of the town. Even the villagers started visiting his house every day. So a hobby can become an occupation same day depending on its importance and popularity.

Yoga is another hobby practised by many – both men and women. Of late yoga has become one of the international hobbies. Since it has an advantage for health and happiness of human beings, the hobby is accepted and practised by one and all.

Photography is and was my hobby. I have some simple LCD cameras and also I use the camera of my iPad and iPhone. Those cameras are high definition models that give wonderful pictures. Moreover there are umpteen numbers of soft wares to improve or change the photographs to present in any form as we like. Olden day film photography was not a match for modern day photography. Smart phones we carry everywhere are used for clicking anything on earth. Objects and events are being photographed and sent to friends through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ etc. instantaneously. Indeed marvellous hobby!

Everyone should pursue one or two hobbies along with his/her occupation in order to get the pleasure of it. A family having four or five members can have different hobbies to enrich its uniqueness and talents. Learning hobbies is a hobby itself. So start pursuing a hobby which you like most!

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