Saturday, October 31, 2015


There are innumerable extraordinary men and women in this world. Among the ordinary people we find such extraordinary ones in every walk of life. These extraordinary people are the special ones everyone appreciate and adore. Extraordinary people are found in sports, art, science, business, politics, judiciary, medicine and all other fields. Is it easy to become an extraordinary individual? I think it is difficult but one can become if one tries. In fact, it involves competition and comparison, winning and losing. To become extraordinary one has to compete and win. It involves hard work, consistent effort and determination. No one is born as extraordinary! Everyone or anyone can develop this art of extraordinariness provided he or she has a will. Such a will generally come in the minds of young people.

In a class room we do find bright students and at the same time the dull ones also. In a sense both sets of people are extraordinary. Bright students understand the subject easily and score high marks in examinations whereas the dull ones fail to understand lessons. There lies the difference and the comparison between these two categories of people in fact, tells us the difference between ordinary and extraordinary people. Some say it is in the genes and others contradict and argue that circumstance play a role in making one ordinary or extraordinary. If someone does something everyone cannot do, it becomes extraordinary. Take for example cinema. Actors act and express their feelings according to the situation. We all express our feelings in everyday life, but to express it in action can be done by only extraordinary people like the actors. Here again we do find ordinary and extraordinary actors.

Life can be also extraordinary for all of us. But very few of us realize this. There are wonders and marvels in ordinary life – the joy of tasting a cup of tea of coffee early in the morning, the pleasure of talking to a pleasant friend, the way we see the things around us  and many more such things. Many of us in fact enjoy such ordinary life with peace of mind.

At the same time life may be extraordinary for some who look not for simple things of life. They always look for competition, risk taking, innovation and intelligence. They do not mind failures but they try and try to reach the peak of extraordinariness. They make a name in the world. Even after their demise, generation of human beings remember them and quote their activities to promote more and more people in the area of extraordinariness. In this world most of us like to be extraordinary among a large number of ordinary people.

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