Friday, January 29, 2016


Everyone knows that Birth is the beginning of Life and Death is the end of it. In between the Birth and Death we live happy and healthy or unhappy and unhealthy Life. Some are lucky to live full life of 100 years, and others end their life at different intervals. So the end of Life is Death. No one knows for sure when one dies – what year, month, week, day or hour? Death occurs at anytime, anywhere, and in any form. If it happens, it happens. No one can prevent or postpone it. Therefore it is better not to think too much of it. However we all want to live as long as possible at any cost. Thus life appears to be very important and precious for all of us. We like to live and we like to see our family and our friends and friends’ family to live for a long time in comfort. For that we greet them every birthday and New Year for a long prosperous and healthy Life.

There are people who want to exploit this desire of living long by suggesting some unreasonable and unscientific ideas. Since people want to live – nothing but living – fall prey to those ideas and make fool of themselves. The ideas may be religious, mystic, spiritual or simple advices. People, who like to live long, develop a belief on these stupid ideas and try to follow blindly. Even the educated intelligentsia are trying to follow such ideas to live and not to die. In fact, we all know for sure, Death is the end of Life. When we breathe, we live, once we stop breathing we die. That is the law of nature. It is as simple as that!

Trying to avoid Death is human and animal instinct. All living organisms want to live, not to die. So they try to protect themselves against all adversaries. Safety and security to life are essential for all. Hence, human beings individually and also collectively try to make arrangements for living safely. In spite of all safety measures we do fall prey to Death and the precious Life ends. It is an everyday happening.

In fact, civilians as well as the security forces are living in risk every day. Accidents occur everywhere in spite of all our efforts to satisfy Gods by prayer and other means. The question is whether one can avoid such unavoidable accidents? I don’t think so. All of us know very well that thousands die every day by accidents, by natural disasters, by due to hatred and illness. Therefore live a Life with care and precautions as much as possible by not thinking in advance what is going to happen the next hour. Either things may go on smoothly or it may enter a hard court. So let us learn to live in this world without fear of Death. Free from fear gives us a long Life!

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