Monday, May 30, 2016


Planet Earth provides us what we require for life - The Sun, air, water, plants, sea, mountains and above all the land. We need all these resources for our survival. Optimum availability of all these resources offers us to have a comfortable life. But when we face shortage or excess of these resources we face difficulties and uneasiness. The rich and the poor face the same problem irrespective of their status.

Natural calamities do not differentiate nations and their people! No one is immune to Nature’s fury. Everyone has to experience natural disasters such as drought, flood, cyclones, tsunami, earthquake etc., etc., whenever and wherever they occur. Scientists try their best to understand these calamities and constantly search for suitable solutions which are possible for the people to follow. Some of them are ok but others are not that ok. Obviously it becomes our duty to follow the precautions predicted by scientists.

Forecasting of weather, climate change, earthquake, tsunami is getting better over time, although they were not accurate during earlier decades! As a result, good number of human lives is being saved nowadays. However, we incur huge property loss which cannot be helped. Anyway if the human lives are saved, property can be earned over time.

Is it possible to prevent natural disasters? I don’t think it’s possible, but attempting to do so is not to be discouraged. One day, because of the improvement in human brain power, it would be possible. Let us be optimistic to have a happy future human life.

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