Wednesday, August 31, 2016


1. See the good in your past. There will always be things that we wish had never happened;

there will always be bad memories and things that we regret. But they are part of who you are –

so accept that they have happened and celebrate the person they’ve allowed you to become.

2. Invest time in the things that bring you happiness. It’s important to identify the things
that you enjoy, and that make you come alive, and are all a part of “you”. Spending time on
those things will help to raise your self-esteem, as you’re valuing yourself when you pursue
3. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. We all make mistakes - and when we think of them we
cringe. But that doesn’t make you any worse than other people. Just try and learn what you can,
and then move on with your life.
4. Stop criticizing yourself. So often we’re really our own worst enemy. We look for our flaws,
and we put ourselves down – instead of being understanding of our own limitations. It’s time to
change that behavior – so start loving yourself.
5. Listen to your instincts and intuitions. If you want to love yourself, you must listen to
yourself. Pay attention to those instincts and your instant gut reaction – and trust that you are
right when you hear that inner voice.
6. Appreciate your life. Of course there are things that you wish that you could change. But
some things are good, and are worth appreciating. So, focus on, appreciate, and make lots of
your strengths.

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