Wednesday, August 31, 2016


In democratic countries, we find a number of political parties headed by a leader or a leader with his family members. It is more evident in India than in Western countries as I know. These political parties are something like the honey bee colonies. Every time a queen bee is born in a hive a new colony takes shape. Likewise, if the leaders in a party differ in their views, they start a new party with a section of the cadres.

In other words, political parties divide the people based on ideology or personal interest. In fact, most of the ideologies are similar in nature. However parties want to remain as separate entities so that leaders of these parties get prominence among the people. Ideologies apart, the people are divided based on caste, religion, language etc. ‘Divide and rule’ is a good policy political parties employ for their survival and existence. Because of such stupid methods, people fight each other, commit criminal activities, hate the people belonging to another political party and talk ill of others. They do all these to show the loyalty to their leaders.

The divisions created by political parties kill the principle of democracy. The divided people are loyal to their leaders and prepared to do anything to save their leaders. The expectation of those cadres is that they will become leaders one day or other and enjoy the seats of power! Some are successful and others are not. However the expectations are there in their minds. Following a leader is a hard thing to do. Satisfying the leader is the main aim involved.

Cadres of a particular party blindly follow the orders of leaders. The leaders use these cadres as the bodyguard for them. Invariably the close relatives of the leaders try to occupy the high positions of the party because they don’t cheat them. Thus a family set-up is formed in the party over time. If someone is not interested and opposes such system, quit the party and join another party. There are many such people who very often jump from one party to another. It is mostly on personal reasons.

Anyway, that is the reality in political parties. People, who run these parties like to divide the cadres. These divisions create unhealthy relationship and disharmony among the public. People should know the trick of the trade. But unfortunately, false expectations make them slaves to a particular party. Every party uses its strength by winning majority votes from the people. The people are convinced or influenced somehow by hook or crook and get their valuable votes. Once the party comes to power, people are forgotten. Whatever policy suitable for the party and its leader is implemented even the opposition oppose it. Although we are in a democratic setup following the law of the land, political parties do whatever they want.

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