Thursday, September 29, 2016


Plunging world economy, civil war in Syria, waves of refugees into Europe, terrorist attack all over the world, and climate change are some of the problems faced by the world today. Leaders of the nations meet at various places discuss the situations and disperse. The follow-up is not encouraging at all. Media highlight the everyday incidents caused by these problems. In fact, it is not easy to tackle such problems, as they are as complex as they are. Disagreement among national leaders is one of the reasons to make the problems more complex. Every country thinks of its own interest first. If it is beneficial, then it supports the point of view of other countries, otherwise not. After the summit meets, no one knows how the problems are dealt with. Diplomats and secretaries make umpteen visits to various countries and make further attempts to implement the agreements made by the political leaders. Sometimes they are successful but most of the time they are not successful because of the internal problems of each country.

How to solve these problems? Delay it! By the time new problems arise and new summit meets are planned. Thus the story continues. It is a never ending process faced by the world. In between, apart from the man-made problems nature-made problems like drought, flood, earthquakes, landslides, forest fires etc. occur. Good lot of money and effort are spent on these. Human lives lost in these calamities are lost forever. Destructions were reconstructed by spending quite a lot of money. Thus solutions are found for natural calamities.

In the final analysis there is no life without problems. For some problems solutions are found, few have partial solutions and very few problems have no solutions at all. So we have to live with the world problems taking appropriate step to manage them.

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