Friday, December 30, 2016


2016 is gone...2017 is born...NARA’S NOTEPAD is completing 12 successful years since its birth in 2004...The blog ( and the hard copy are read by innumerable readers all over the world ... In fact the issue you are reading is 145th one...I feel a great satisfaction that I could achieve this single handed. On this occasion, it is my bounden duty to thank the readers like you, some of my friends who sponsored the issues, and my dear friend Mr. Manikandan, of Garuda Printers.

The contribution of NARA’S NOTEPAD is direct as well as indirect. The contents of this monthly are aimed to inspire and motivate the readers. I am quite sure that the shared thoughts might have inspired and motivated you to have a positive view of life. Every aspect of life is touched by NARA’S NOTEPAD. Repetition is the mother of learning. Many things mentioned in NARA’S NOTEPAD are repetition for many of you and new for some. Hence, there should be some stimulus from it for all of us to go forward successfully in life. That part is played fully by this monthly bulletin.

Last year we saw many ups and downs in our country. We lost many loved ones, natural calamities troubled us, political upheaval and mishandling of democracy by politicians, measures to bring back black money, attempts to abolish corruption, non-functioning of Parliament by our rulers and the like. At the same time India stood up in the world forum and showed greatness in sports, scientific achievement, international relationships, health care and agriculture. So we had successes and failures. How to bring smiles in the face of all Indians should the aim of our Government in 2017. Let us hope that we live in harmony and peace in the coming year...

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