Monday, January 30, 2017


One of the environmental pollutions we all encounter in our day-to-day life is the NOISE produced by railways, vehicular traffics, aeroplanes, industrial machinery, various gadgets we use daily at home and office, loud speakers and many other such things. In fact, every one of us in this world is subjected to the pressure of NOISE pollution. Even a small wall clock in my room is making a ‘tick’, ‘tick’ sound throughout night and day and similarly the ceiling fans make an awful lot of NOISE. We feel as if the NOISE has engulfed our environment.

NOISE at less magnitude does not bother us very much, but loud NOISES annoy us to a great extent. They cause headache, increase blood pressure, create loss of concentration, speech interference, loss of working efficiency and even accidents at times. Some of the workers are permanently exposed to constant NOISE pollution. Vehicles like motor-bikes create hell of NOISE for which the driver and others on the road are exposed to. Everyone is used to this menace of NOISE. NOISE control measures are been taken by the concerned agencies of the government. However substantial control is not being achieved because of the gigantic number of people who generate NOISE through their vehicles and other machineries.

Excessive honking is produced in the city area especially where hospitals and schools are situated causing hindrance to the ailing patients and young children. Technologies are available to manufacture noiseless vehicles and other instruments and equipment we use at home and public places. But still the NOISE surrounds us and annoys us. The Central Pollution Control Board of Government of India issued a gazette notification on zoning of urban areas into industrial area, commercial area and silence zone. It also indicated permissible NOCE levels for these zones. However, such measures are not strictly followed because NOICE is taken as not an immediate killer. But everyone knows that it is a slow poison for all of us.

India is a country of festivals ... because of its diversity of cultures. During these periods crackers and loud speakers generate deafening NOISE. Some young people may like it loud and they enjoy at the cost of harassing the old sick people who are already in pain owing to all kinds of illness. Is it possible to live in a noiseless environment? – a question asked by me along with millions of others. Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO. In future, we have to bear louder noises all around us. We have to adapt to NOISE. I have seen some people cannot sleep without the NOISE of the ceiling fans or the humming NOISE of their air-conditioners. Therefore it is obvious that human beings are adapting to NOISE environment in spite of all control measures!

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