Monday, February 27, 2017


“Why only few people come forward to express their views boldly and openly...not others?” – a question stirred my brain for a long time. Many answers came to my mind, but none of them appeared satisfactory. Normally most of us do not bother very much about things that do not concern us and we do not bother to express our views about them. Issues that bother us, in fact, induce us to show our concern in the form of views or opinion, sometimes by suitable actions also.

The few people mentioned above are the ones who are somehow affected directly or indirectly by a particular incident. The demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes by the Prime Minister of India on 8 November 2016 was one of the issues faced by every individual in India. So, not few people, many people especially belonging to the non BJP expressed their views as forcefully as possible. Day and night they expressed vehemently their views against demonetization all over the country. We were not knowing whether their views were correct or not. However they appeared to be appealing because of the non-availability of new currency notes. But these views had certainly a political colour. People felt a slowdown of economy because of non-availability of cash. However, transaction of cash through electronic means progressed further to establish a cashless economy for India. Good thinking indeed!

Introduction of any technology or change brings in the habit of opposing with all sorts of arguments expressed boldly and sometimes in unpleasant ways. That was what happened in the demonetization issue also. Abolition of black money, corruption and terrorist financing, cashless economy were cited as some of the advantages of demonetization. But the views expressed were that demonetization was not the way forward to achieve these sacred goals. Some of us side these views too.

Last year just before occupying the Presidency of the US, Donald Trump called the United Nation as a Club for people to have a good time. The view was a bold one and Trump had no fear to say that. Thus he became one of those few people who have the guts to express their views so boldly and openly without hesitation.

One thing is obviously true from all these, that unless some people openly and boldly express their views representing many others, no good thing happens on earth. So expressing views is essential in any democratic country including India.

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