Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Presidents...every country in the world has one of them. They are either elected or appointed according to the country’s constitution. It is a prestigious post. Mostly politicians are preferred to head the country as President because they only know the trade of the trick. They have enormous power but those are subjected to some kind of checks. Any one - male or female can become President of a country depending on his/her social contributions and popularity among the people. In a democracy, the post of President is only for a limited period whereas in a non-democratic country it is for life-long. The President, a supreme VVIP is considered to be the ceremonial person who gives away hundreds of awards to the reputed citizens every year.

Presidents are consulted for every rule/law/order the parliament passes. If the President approves it, then it becomes the law of the land. Presidents are allowed to bring in ordinances at any time if need arises, but they are only for a short period of time, then they have to be approved by the elected members of the Parliament. Thus the President’s power is subjected to a sort of control.

In every democracy, there is a President who is supreme for the country and under his control there are Governors for the States. Governors are generally appointed by the President in consultation with the party in power in the concerned State. Usually no young person is appointed in this post. Some Governors are docile and some are troublesome to the ruling state governments. These Governors are supposed to send reports to the President about the state governments periodically. Invariably Governors do not interfere with the activities of the state governments. The President and his Governors live lavishly in huge Palaces in the capital cities with big offices, advisors and thousands of subordinates. Also they will have security persons to take care of them. These forces are special in many ways. Wherever the President or Governors go the security forces accompany them. These forces will have special colourful costumes. One can see them in action at the Republic Day celebrations every year.

In fact, every organization has leaders called President or they are called in some other names. Generally they will have good experience in their specialized field. However, they do not have the same status as the President or Governor of a country. They are paid huge salary and provided all the facility a human being required. Honorary Presidents are also found in certain organizations. I was in fact the President of a National Scientific Society called Indian Society of Plant Physiology for a period of two years. Then I was the Vice-President of the same Society for another two years. Of course it was purely honorary! No pay! I considered it as a honour rather than hard work that was being carried out by the General Secretary of the Society.

So Presidents are of different types, depending on the kind of organization they head. If you are fortunate, you’ll reach this top-class post for a specified term. I think Governors do not have a term. They can stay on as long as they live or removed by another party in power. Fortunate people indeed! As Chancellors of Universities Governors have important roles to select Vice-Chancellors – the administrative heads of the varsities and also participate in the convocation ceremonies. What a job! Safe and secured! I envy them as most of you do!

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