Sunday, July 16, 2017


We, the human beings are surrounded by umpteen numbers of problems of diverse nature. In fact, we face them each and every day. Some of them are serious and others are not so serious. These two types of problems create on the one hand unhappiness and on the other hand opportunities. So problems need not be always difficulties but they may open new ways of life. If you are young with mental stability and health you do not bother about those problems. But if you are old, say above 70-years, whatever may be the seriousness; problems become real problems because older people have reduced mental strength. So they do not talk about such problems. But they suffer within themselves. Every problem is a threat to them. They are invariably afraid to face problems and solve them. In the real sense, those problems are not threats. They are challenges in one’s life. There is no one in this world without those challenges. Life is to face challenges. Some we ignore and some we face and solve.

Even if we live in peace within a comfort zone, the problems that surround us may create certain amount of displeasure and unpleasantness for a short while may be a better solution. Making little problems bigger is one of the characters we all posses. If we don’t exaggerate them, then everything becomes normal and peaceful.

As an individual or as a family we come across unexpected problems at times. Finding a suitable solution to those problems is the sensible way of handling them. First try to understand the problem and its cause. Analyse the root cause of it and give sufficient time to think about various ways to get solutions. You may come out with some possible or an impossible solution. That would be the first step to solve problems. Peace and patience can solve many problems. Sometimes time can also solve problems. What we need is calmness and mental strength.

To make our life happy or active we need to have problems. Otherwise we will become lazy and lose the capacity to think. We all know for sure that humans are thinking animals. So problem solving requires patient thinking followed by appropriate actions. There is no life without problem. So let us face them.

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