Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Advising is not a good proposition according to me. Everyone has ideas to follow and lead their happy and productive life. Therefore, there is no need for advising others. In fact, the contents of NN contain tid bits to wake up the dormant spots of you. It never try to advise you. Never. Advising is not the aim of NN. We know that advice will not help to change people. Sharing of good knowledge for good life will certainly stimulate people to think and pick up the best and try to adopt in their life to better off. To make people happy and healthy, there are many ways followed by various organizations in the world. Someone has to have eyes to look for tid bits and learn to put to use. Those who do, they reap the harvest – a bumper one. When I think of it, I get the utmost satisfaction of my sharing knowledge which has some benefit of helping others. Repetition is the mother of learning. There is always something in NN for everyone, irrespective of age, sex and nationality. Go through NN every month to look for new ideas and knowledge to refresh your mind and body. I welcome your cooperation and support for the growth of NN. My best wishes to you all.

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