Thursday, December 31, 2009


It is the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. The hope is quite high. After seeing the successes and failures in 2009, we expect for more successes than failures in 2010. Global economic recession, Swine-flu, Climate Change Conference at Copenhagen, Nobel Peace Prize for the President of the U S., the tragic demise of Michael Jackson, Manmohan Singh’s come back, Andhra Agitation are the ones with many others we saw in 2009. Now they are the past happenings. We may forget, but history will not, and records them for future reference. As the population increases, problems of co-existence are also increasing. It appears quite normal. We need more food, more houses, more vehicles, more jobs, and more energy… everything more…! Governments try to meet these ‘more needs’ of human beings. Terrorism is growing and killing of people has become a daily affair. Safety of poor people is threatened in every part of the Globe. Political stability in many countries is at stake. Although we talk of democracy as a solution for political stability, in practice it is not happening. People face innumerable problems. Among them the most important one is the corruption. Injustice to common man is going on in every society in spite of the well built judicial system. Amidst all these difficulties, countries carry on their business of governance. People, who are lucky, enjoy their life and those who are not, suffering. In a society, what can we expect more than this? The movement of people is much more nowadays than the yester-decades. Mixing and crossing of cultures happening every where. The traditional cultures are getting diluted. Western cultures are seeping through the Eastern and Southern cultures. No one can stop it although there are attempts to do so. Explosion in electronic media and technologies has made the world smaller and every human being living in any part of the world is connected. What a progress! We expect eagerly more such interesting technologies in 2010. Will it happen?

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