Thursday, September 29, 2011


ACUPUNCTURE is the Chinese art of healing. Its objective is to restore a person’s health, balance and harmony by stimulating the body’s internal healing powers. A widely acclaimed effect of acupuncture is relief from pain or an analgesic effect, irrespective of its cause. Acupuncture provides analgesia for minor and major surgeries and women all over the world have been spared from labor pains by using acupuncture. The sensation of pain from any part of the body is carried to the thalamus, the area of the brain which perceives pain. The pain impulse travels somewhat slowly till it reaches a mechanism in the nervous system called ‘the Gate.” When the Gate is bombarded with too many impulses, it closes and prevents pain impulses from reaching the brain. Another theory is that when acupuncture is performed, morphine-like substances called endorphins and eukephallins present in the body increase and block the ability of the brain to perceive pain.

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