Thursday, September 29, 2011


1. TALK STRAIGHT: Be clear and concise in your communication.

2. DEMONSTRATE RESPECT: Genuinely care for and respect everyone and make sure you express it correctly.

3. CREATE TRANSPARENCY: Be open and authentic.

4. RIGHT WRONGS: If there has been an error from your end, apologize quickly.

5. SHOW LOYALTY: Address problems and issues face-to-face and provide favorable solutions.

6. DELIVER RESULTS: Accomplish the task you are appointed for. Avoid making excuses for not delivering.

7. GET BETTER: Always make an effort to learn and improve.

8. CONFRONT REALITY: Do not have unrealistic goals and expectations. Always meet issues as they are.

9. CLARIFY EXPECTATIONS: Be clear while disclosing and revealing expectations.

10. PRACTICE ACCOUNTABILITY: Always hold yourself and others accountable and responsible for their respective tasks.

11. LISTEN FIRST: Don’t make any assumptions. Listen before speaking.

12. KEEP YOUR COMMITMENTS: Make sure you commit carefully. Always state your intent while committing.

13. EXTEND TRUST: Extend trust abundantly to those who have made an effort to earn your trust.

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