Thursday, September 29, 2011


While undertaking any activity, focus your attention periodically on the possible intrinsic satisfactions. Marvel at and appreciate the beauty involved. Take pride in your activity. When finished with each work period, take a minute or two to appreciate your work.

v  Learning new information is interesting, it satisfies our curiosity; it feels good to understand.

v  Much of what we learn about nature or our bodies and minds is beautiful and awesome. The mystery and complexity of the origin and development and purpose of everything in the universe is mind-boggling – a challenge to the greatest minds.

v  Pulling old and new information together so that it “makes more sense” is satisfying. Like solving a puzzle.

v  When we acquire enough information that we feel competent and knowledgeable relative to others, we feel a sense of mastery.

v  Using the knowledge by doing something, such as writing or talking to others…and thinking about doing gratifying. It can be creative.

v  Planning our own learning experiences and exercising the self-discipline and responsibility involved can produce pride.

v  Learning to solve problems and help others is deeply satisfying.

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