Tuesday, September 30, 2014


All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.” These are the words of John F. Kennedy, one of the handsome Presidents of the United States of America. In fact, we all have talents. Some are very good in utilizing their talent. Talented people are always liked by less talented ones. Although I am a talented person (?), my talent may not be equal to the talent of another person. Talent comes from young age. It is nurtured by learning and experience. Moreover, education fertilizes talent that grows well. In order to become a talented person, one needs to follow some norms. The beauty of talent lies in great achievements in any field – may be in sports, study, adventure, ability to administer, leadership etc.

The development of talent requires many factors. One of them is opportunity as said by Kennedy. We cannot expect opportunity every time. When it comes we need to use for developing our talent. Providing equal opportunity is the aim of any democratic government. In fact, we have equal opportunity for education, health care, shelter, fitness, serving the nation etc. But in certain poor countries such equal opportunity is not available. Therefore talent of a person is wasted there. Encouraging and inspiring a talented person helps him or her to develop the talent in which they are specialized. Proper use of talents for their personal as well as for other’s (society) use would be the best service.

Most of us are doing something in the name of “work” for the benefit of our society. A talented doctor takes care of other’s health, a talented engineer or architect helps in construction of houses for us, a talented teacher teaches the students and makes them talented citizens of a country. You can go on and on citing examples of this kind.

The growth of talents can be accelerated by the desire to get talented. Hard work sometimes helps to become talented. Experience too contributes to make a person get talented. According to me, everyone in this world is talented and try to behave talented for which they are respected. I find actors in cinema and makers of cinema are good examples of talented people.

Equal talents may not be possible but equal opportunity can offer ways and means to develop talents. One needs to look for good opportunity to get one’s talent developed. Even an ordinary person well educated or less educated can become great leader in fields like politics, sports, business etc. hence talent development is in one’s hand. We live in this world with all facilities with the help of talented people. Long live those talented people – small or big – who give us what we want.

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