Thursday, October 30, 2014


Of late, I come to understand that each individual in our society is different physically and mentally from another individual. Society is composed of these individuals who have diverse views and interests that are either liked or not liked. Whether we like those views and interests or not, everyday, views are expressed and interests are pursued. If the celebrities say what they want or act as they like, the media make them as the world news. However silly they may be, they find a place in the media and reach each nook and corner of the world. I do wonder sometimes, the ideas put forth by some people are appreciated by all - even though those ideas are biased. Every time it is said that every idea has to be discussed by an appropriate body and approved by the majority groups. Invariably, such procedures are overlooked or discussed but thrusted on the majority. It is often the case with any organization including the governments.

Views of important people are propagated among common people but only certain views are accepted – not all. Actions of renowned persons are greatly appreciated and awarded. Individuals put forth hard work and intelligence to bring out their talents in various forms. Ideas are quoted to illustrate and take forward to act. Good idea certainly finds good action which may be innovative and special to serve humanity. The need of human beings is met by individuals’ views and interests. Because of that we have thrown out our old film camera, type writer, calculators, watches, table-top personal computers etc. and improved versions of these items are introduced. They are of great use to every one of us. Thus individuals in a society perform great services to other individuals – of course on a cost. Still I feel that these services will be improved and modernized over time. People born today learn the present day knowledge and produce things which are much more useful and convenient and simple to operate.

Diversity in knowledge is created by an individual’s free thought. No one should put a stop to it. Free thinking and fruitful discussions have to be promoted in order to change the existing systems. New systems for new generation are always welcome. My thinking is also in this direction to produce a better society. Even today I find people’s good ideas are accepted whereas bad ideas are rejected. That I think is the sign of progress we all need.

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