Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The knowledge we need or we do not need is available today in print and electronic media including the internet. Knowledge of everything is open, not hidden. People say knowledge explosion is on. Yes, when population explodes, knowledge has to explode! That is what happens today. Most of us make use of this available knowledge for our survival and work.
Recently my ayurvedic doctor prescribed medicines for my illness after examining me. I bought them and came home to see what those medicines are? Simply I googled the names of those medicines. Oh, they were there! Not only they were there, it indicated the use of those medicines and their side effects. Even the comments by those who used these medicines were also given. It was amazing.
Thus anyone can click the internet and get what he or she wants. All are available – whether it is science, spirituality, self-help, medicine, engineering, law, literature, music and what not? All are available on line. Books, newspapers, magazines and newsletters are on-lined.
Communicating knowledge to others and sharing written materials including photographs and videos are all possible through internet. One can meet thousands of people in social media like facebook, twitter etc. Getting new friends from all over the world, and renewing contacts of old friends are easy nowadays.
So it is the choice that makes us to enjoy the whole world of knowledge. Indeed what to choose and what not, has become a problem. Everything is available in internet. Who has made it? It is none other than our own kith and kin. Their ability and thinking power have made the world of internet. It is the storehouse of knowledge to provide us all kinds of knowledge.
Teachers and professors were considered to the storehouse of knowledge in olden times. They were highly respected for it. But today even they depend on internet to gather knowledge. Internet is accessible to all – teachers, students, and men and women. Dictionary used to be our reference for words. Every house used to have a bulky dictionary to look into the meaning of difficult words. Dictionary contains needed and unneeded words. It is our choice to pick the needed ones as we do it with internet for knowledge.
Choose what you want, there is the internet. Interestingly internet is available in our smart phones also. They are always with us either in our pockets or inside the lady’s handbag, but most of the time the gadget is held in the hand especially by celebrities like politicians, business people and cine actors. Such phones are available with everyone. So knowledge is everyone’s hands. No need to depend on someone else. We have the knowledge in our hands and we have to make use of it for our life.

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