Monday, March 7, 2016


Sports and music unite millions of us across our great nation – India. They brought us together. India is a vast country with many language speaking States and people following a number of religions, variety of cultures such as food, dresses, music, dance, caste, colour and what not! They have added fragrance to Indian culture. Such diversity brought unity among us. Every State has special festivals, large number of temples, churches, mosques and many other religious places. For anyone who comes to India from any other country, India looks as a paradise. Such variety in a single country (India), cannot be seen anywhere else. But we Indians fail to look at our own beautiful culture, people and places.

From Himalaya to Kanyakumari we find beautiful ancient architectural monuments. Taj Mahal, Puri, Charminar, Mysuru Palace, Thanjavur Big Temple, Guruvayur temple in Kerala, and many more places attract the attention of Indians nowadays. Appreciating one’s own culture and learn about it is necessary to understand the historic achievements of our ancestors.

Today everything is modern and technology has transformed our way of life and life-style. The country has seen skyscrapers in the form of apartments to provide shelter to millions of Indians. These were not there some years ago. The apartment culture has crept into India of late. With all these developments, pollution, life style diseases, isolated life and mental disorders have affected the Indian population to a great extent.

A free country indeed! Freedom for everyone! So governance becomes very difficult. There are lots of laws to control the unwanted activities of people. But still we do find all sorts of illegal activities happening all over India. We, the people of India tolerate and move on. Tolerance has become the way of life today. In fact, there is no place for intolerance.