Monday, February 27, 2017


1. Massage your ears. The ear massage is a fantastic way to release endorphins in your brain and make you feel good. Start by gently rubbing your earlobes with your thumb and index finger. Then squeeze the outer edges of your ears all the way to the top. These parts of your ears have tiny reflex points that can relax specific areas of your body. Finish by using your index fingers and middle fingers to massage behind the ears on the bony part of your skull.

2. Finger paint. Finger painting allows you to have fun, be artistic and play in a child like way. It gives you permission to express your creativity and spontaneity without expectations.

3. Declutter. Take note of how much stuff you have lying around your room. Then, get rid of anything and everything you don’t use or need. It’s easier to relax when you are not surrounded by stuff – especially stuff like, work, electronics and even reading materials because your subconscious mind then feels you’ve things to do.

4. Try laughing yoga. We all know that laughter has a wonderful effect on our mood and is one of the best feel good things we can do. However, the opportunity to laugh like this doesn’t always come easily and often. A fun and crazy way to make yourself laugh uncontrollably is to find (google) a class, club or yoga studio in your area that offers laughing yoga.

5. Procrastinate. Make a list of things to do and then don’t do it. Call it your procrastination list. Then make the decision to engage in something you really feel like doing. If and when you become inspired to do something on your procrastination list then go for it.

6. Be brutally honest. Instead of bottling things up inside you, which causes stress and tensions, why not let it go through the power of honest speech. Express your emotions and tell people how you really feel without being rude or obnoxious. Notice how relieved you feel.

7. Dance in the rain. Next time it rains, have a little fun, get wet and do a little dance. Engage all your senses and enjoy the moment. If you live in a colder climate, try dancing in the snow or making snow angels.

8. Enjoy a staycation. Instead of travelling somewhere on a holiday, stay at home and enjoy a local vacation. Maybe try a new hobby or activity, or just visit some local cafes, bars or restaurants.

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