Thursday, January 11, 2018


We appreciate people who perform better than others. So appreciation is considered as the reward for them. In fact, everyone likes to be appreciated because appreciation brings both happiness and encouragement. Sometimes it acts as a tonic. Sportsmen and women do their best in National and International competitions and get appreciated by gold/silver/bronze medals. Similarly teachers who train students and make them knowledgeable and responsible citizens of our country also get great appreciation. Thus all kinds of activities deserve appreciation which is expressed in various forms. The activities are recognized, respected, admired and awarded. In everyday life we see people appreciate the good deeds done by some and also talk high about the good qualities of such personalities of repute.

Appreciation is not communicated in words or expressed explicit but only felt within the mind. On the other hand, nowadays appreciations are expressed openly by offering a certificate of appreciation or mementos or cash prize.

Competition in sports and games is recognized by offering millions of dollars for the winning person or teams. Such awards are offered to appreciate the outstanding achievements. The services of a person are appreciated at the time of his/her retirement. Personalities who have contributed to the well-being of human society are highly appreciated. Authors of good books are also appreciated by the readers of those books. Music, dance, painting, acting, teaching, treating patients, designing are some of the professions where people excel and achieve greatness. They deserve appreciation. 

Likewise, nature, flowers, gardens, monuments, art etc. are also being appreciated. Beautiful things are generally appreciated at least by saying they are good, excellent, awesome, and fabulous or super. In fact, I find such comments from friends for my postings in Facebook. Such appreciations encourage me to post more of interesting messages and photos. So a person who is appreciated will certainly do more than what is expected from him/her.

The joy one derives from the appreciations received from others – known or unknown – is immense. It is more so with children. Every activity they do has to be appreciated. That makes them happy and keeps them encouraged. Indeed, it is a motivation! Such appreciations go long way to shape the future of children. This mantra is known to mothers and teachers. So appreciation is a wonderful tool; it recognizes what is excellent in others and us as well.

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