Thursday, May 1, 2014


Library: A place where the dead live.

 Life Insurance: A plan that keeps you poor all your life so you can die rich.

Pessimism: The determination to see less than there is in anything, and optimism is the ability to see more than there is in everything.

Pickpocket: A man who lives alone, but occasionally goes out in a crowd for a little change.

Politician: A fellow who shakes your hand before the election and shakes you after the election.

 Sickness : Means not to feel well. There are three stages : 1. Ill 2. Pill 3. Bill. Sometimes there is another: 4. Will.

Snorer: A sound sleeper.

Successful man: One who can earn more than his wife can spend.

 Summer Resort: A town where inhabitants live on your vacation money until the next summer.

 Synonym: A word to use when you can’t spell the other word.

Tourist: A person who drives 1000 km to see some beautiful scenery and litters the road all the way.

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