Saturday, June 28, 2014


1. PROCRASTINATION: Achieving perfection is one thing but blaming procrastination on pursuing perfection is another. The best way to finish something is by starting it. A lack of confidence can be one of the reasons behind procrastination.

 2. NEGATIVITY: If you’re the guy who sees it as half glass empty then you could be suffering from depression. Get out of it. Depression stems from negative thinking. Stop being cynical and pessimistic about everything! Take time to enjoy the small things in life. Find beauty and live with hope.

 3. LOST IN VIRTUAL WORLD: As the clock tick away to midnight are you spending the majority of your time staring at the screen of your tablet, TV, phone or browsing the net on your laptop? Get off it. Facebook, Twitter and porn can wait. Nothing is more important than living healthy. When your eyes glued to devices, it affects your melatonin levels and disturb your sleep cycle.

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